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AV50 Baggage Tractor, Cargo tractor, New Tractor

AV Tractor's New Zero-Plus line of tractors include everything you would expect from a new tractor, at a substantial savings versus new. Our Zero-Plus tractors are manufactured using at least 90 - 95% new materials / components.

All engine/transmission package s offered in the ZP line are New and EPA and C.A.R.B. compliant. They include computer controlled, electronic safety systems such as anti-restart ignitions and transmission shift inhibiting. The engines utilized offer substantial fuel savings over the old Ford 300. Other than scheduled oil changes, these engines are virtually maintenance free. All engine accessories are new OEM components.

AV's standard Zero-Plus package utilizes a Kubota Industrial 2.5L Gasoline engine backed by a GM/PCS 4LHD transmission. The EDI/Ford MSG425 engine is also available with either a New GM 4L70 or a Remanufactured C6 transmission

All ZP line tractors come standard with New Newage 512 series Drive Axles. The king pin style steer axles used, are either new or remanufactured to OEM specifications. The front leaf springs are new.

We only use new, name brand cooling system and electrical components when building our tractors. This helps to insure the reliability that you depend on. All brake and steering components are also new and all tractors come standard with New LED lighting front and rear.

All AV Tractors are finished utilizing aircraft grade Acrylic Urethane top coats. New wheels with heavy duty GSE specific tires are installed on all ZP series tractors.


Prior to delivery, all tractors are test run, driven a minimum of two hours, and given a complete Quality Control check.

Another optional advantage we are currently including with our AV Zero-Plus Tractors is FREE SHlPPING within the Continental United States.

Trade-Ins: We would like to acquire any of your baggage tractors that you feel are beyond their serviceable life span. We can offer very competitive Trade-In credits for these units, based on location and completeness of the tractor.

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