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AV Tractors refurbishing program takes tractors from your existing fleet of tractors and Remanufactures them to Better than New” condition. We begin the process by completely disassembling the tractor. After disassembly, the frame is inspected for any damage and repaired as necessary, prior to being sand blasted primed and painted. Next, the front and rear axles are disassembled, inspected and remanufactured, using new bearings, seals, king pins and gears where needed. Once all chassis repairs have been completed, we begin the assembly process. The tractor is assembled using all new or remanufactured components.

 All of AV's engine and transmission options are supplied by some of the most reputable names in the industry, and come with full manufactures warranties. We only use new, name brand cooling system and electrical components when building our tractors. This helps to insure the reliability that you depend on. All engine accessories are new as are the brake and steering components. The tractor is completely hand wired using O/E style gauges and our own mechanic friendly color coded and labeled harness. All tractors come standard with New LED lighting front and rear.

Any body panels that are found to be non-repairable are replaced, final body work is completed and the tractor is painted with two coats of Acrylic Urethane paint. The fenders, floors and running board/steps are coated with a heavy duty truck bed liner type material.  After painting, the final assembly is completed, and New wheels with heavy duty GSE specific tires are installed. Prior to delivery, the tractor is test run, driven, and given a complete Quality Control check.

All AV Tractor's "FleetRenu" remanufactured tractors are backed by warranties that are comparable to what you would expect with a new tractor purchase.

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